Superbowl ads are taking over the internet

superbowlIt’s the time of the year when arguably the best ads come out to be shown during the NFL Superbowl. It’s a multimillion dollar business in not only the cost of advertising during the football final but also to produce these high quality, creative ads. Why spend the money? Because of the sheer mass exposure as well as positive association with a sporting event that has fanatical fans connected to it. So what are some of the best this year?

Budweiser always has great ads. In 2014, they build on their Clydesdale series, creating synergy with previous ads.  The Clydesdales also symbolise strength but more importantly the traditional of the brand. But why I love this ad? They have the cute factor – mixing the power of the horse with the cuteness of a puppy. What else do you need? What a way to use the emotional appeal.

And on the animal theme, Audi’s ad uses humour appeal to get their message of ‘designed without compromise” across. They don’t show much of the car, but the message is clear.

Now on to the sex appeal using celebrities and who better than David Beckham. But why is this ad working, apart from the obvious? It is getting the audience involved by voting on the the ending that is shown during the Superbowl – whether Beckham ends up #covered or #uncovered – voting at the H&M’s website.  A very clever ploy – interactive advertising.

Another sex appeal ad … SodaStream’s ad featuring Scarlett Johansson has been banned, some say due to being too sexual (there is nothing explicit shown and Scarlett is dressed, seems very tame to me), some say it is the closing line, “Sorry, Coke and Pepsi” (who is afraid of some competition?), while others says it is political statement against an Israeli company. For what ever reason it was banned, it seems to still have gained mass exposure, with over 4 millions views.

Keeping with the celebrity theme…Toyota Highlander used Terry Crews and the Muppets. The use of celebrities creates a positive association in consumers minds. This ad has an appeal to a wide audience. But Toyota was clever as they produced a trailer which created a Buzz for the actual ad. They clearly highlighted all the key features that would be important to the target audience of families and used a catchy song, that you might catch yourself signing a long too.

Trailer – over 1 million views.

Full ad – over 1 million views in a day

Also doing the trailer is M&Ms with a Mission Impossible Theme. It’s just a clever way to create a Buzz and who doesn’t like the M&M boys?


Another lead

And there could be more in M&Ms SuperBowl Mission Impossible Series ads.

Keeping with the teasers and celebrity theme that is this year’s Superbowl ads is Bud Light and their use of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And next is Kia’s Matrix themed ad for their K900 featuring Matrix’s Morpheus and titled ‘The Truth’.

That’s all for now and the Superbowl is not until the 2/2/2014 – can’t wait to see what other ads are released. Advertising industry at its best. So stay tuned.


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