Strategy Development

Liz works with her corporate clients so that they make the most of their marketing, communication or social media tactics.

Liz will work with the team to:

  • Develop a marketing, communication  and / or social media strategy or strategies, that builds synergy with the businesses’ mission, vision and objectives.
  • Narrow down the target market for the business.
  • Identify what marketing channels or mediums (includes social media) best for them.
  • Obtain clarity over what tactics the organisation should be doing.
2014-06-02 12.58.44

Working with the team from Paws and Relax Doggy Daycare on their social media strategy.

The time and cost of developing a strategy plan depends on the requirements and needs of each business.


The best way to understand a business to be able to work out their strategies is to do a session with them, especially if they are personal trainers. Marc from Goya Body Conditioning gave me a great session before we developed the strategy.

Christine from Christine Atwell – Pilates Power & CoreFit gave me a Pilates session before we had a great strategy day, developing social media tactics that can build her business.