Liz Buchanan

Integrated Digital Communication Strategist and Principal

Liz’s notable career began in the financial industry in Australia and the UK. She then moved to not-for-profit state sporting organisations and government.

In varying industries she has accumulated more than 17 years’ experience in marketing, management and project management. She understands how competing priorities and complex environments can impact on a project’s outcome.

This experience allows her to deliver successful projects while maintaining positive working relationships with key stakeholders and colleagues.

Liz is passionate about social media and incorporating this online communication technology to the overall digital strategy for engagement with all stakeholders.

She also tutors and lectures in various undergraduate and postgraduate marketing and advertising subjects at the Queensland University of Technology’s school of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations.

Liz has a Master of Marketing Management Degree, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. In addition, Liz holds a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Liz at her Graduation

Liz at her Graduation

Liz recently spoke about social media engagement at:

  • World Conference of Disaster Management, Toronto, Canada, 10 June 2015
  • Australia and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference, Gold Coast, 6 May 2015

Liz speaking at the World Conference in Disaster Management, Toronto, Canada, June 2015

Deargban Border Collies

Liz also breeds Border Collies and her kennel is called, Deargban Border Collies.


The Border Collie is a breed of dog that she was always interested in – in fact it is the only breed she has ever wanted to own. She chose the red and white (ee) Border Collie as she personally felt they are a great looking dog, with all the great qualities of the Border Collie as well as being extremely handsome. In 2005, she was lucky enough to contact Lani Mercer of Jessomine Border Collies and her very special red and white lady, Ember, came into her life and changed it for ever.Liz has Scottish heritage which also attracted her to this breed because of its Scottish heritage. In addition, the breed’s background of being a ‘dog of the land’ was also very appealing. Due to these features, the name ‘Deargban’ was born.

Liz with her gorgeous dogs at the canine disc demonstration at the Queensland Guide Dogs

Dearg is Gaelic (Scottish) for red (a. deirge, red; nm. g. deirg, the ploughed part of a field in opposition to the unploughed – as per Faclair Gàidhlig)

Ban is Gaelic (Scottish) for lady as well as white (ban- she-, lady and bàn a. white, pale, wan, fair-haired : am bàn, the untilled part of a field being tilled, in opposition to the ploughed part, called : an dearg, `the red’ – as per Faclair Gàidhlig).
No other name seemed as appropriate.