Ember Solutions is a digital communications agency. We will work with your business to build strong brand messaging and customer engagement.

We were established in July 2013 and have worked with some fantastic and notable clients.

Our intention is to help as many people and businesses as possible to engage with their clients, staff and community. We believe an engaged society is a much better place to live.

Engagement can be difficult, time-consuming and can take away from the core business, but it’s too valuable to ignore.

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Inspired and passionate business owners and entrepreneurs engaged after a day of learning at Byron Bay.

Mission Statement

Ember Solutions

To unlock the potential of each client with a combination of strategy, communication and engagement solutions that enable businesses to excel and build brand-value.

Liz Buchanan

To build a better world through human and animal rights so we can all live harmoniously. Inspiring and empowering people to live the best life they can, to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.

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