My favourite ads currently released

These are some of my favourite ads that are doing the rounds at the moment. They grab people’s attention, they are creative but they also know their audience so the message is clear. 

Firstly, the Epic Split featuring Van Damme by Volvo Trucks. It was an incredible split by Van Damme and what a way to show Volvo Trucks precision. With over 58 million views on the official Volvo Trucks channel, it has definitely gone viral.

K-Mart’s Show Your Joe Boxer ad – it’s a little bit cheeky, it’s a little bit sexy and it’s a little bit fun but it is certainly out of the box and makes the boxer ad stand out from the crowd. With over 15 million views, on the official K-Mart channel, they did something right.

The Mercedes-Benz Dancing Chicken Ad – because it is just so damn cute and a very creative way of showing “Stability at all times. Magic Body control”. With over 7 million views on their offical channel, Mercedes-Benz certainly has a viral campaign on their hands.

And a clever collection of public transport ad – not really new but I hadn’t seen it until recently.

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