St George inspires people to ‘unleash the dragon in you’

Further from my earlier post ‘Societal Marketing is trendy again’, I wanted to talk about the current St George Bank advertising campaign created by Saatchi & Saatchi, which is using the concept of societal marketing in the launch of it’s latest campaign, of ‘Start Something’.

The first of what I am assuming is a series of ads, is trying to inspire people/society to start something new whether that is riding a bike, or my personal favourite – dancing when you wake up.  It is using an emotional appeal as a way of getting through the advertising clutter and to grab people’s attention with the aim of getting consumers to think positively towards their future and therefore the bank/brand. They are differentiating themselves from other banks by not concentrating on what they offer or their products but rather on ‘you’.


They are creating synergy with their brand by using the girl dressed up as a dragon (their logo) and the slogan unleash the dragon in you.  It’s a well thought out campaign.

They have now just released the next stage of the campaign which is about ‘your dream home’. They are consistent with their messaging, and are building on the emotional attachment they developed in the first ad.


I think the campaign is effective in grabbing attention, creating a postive association and using an engagement/differentiation strategy. The campaign comprises the media channels of TV, print, digital and social media (including their own Facebook page and YouTube channel), and the use of this combination assists in creating the engagement with their audience. It is certainly a great way to refresh and reenergise the brand and I look forward to the rest of the campaign.

NB. I am not a customer of St George and have no association with them – I just think it is a worthwhile campaign and certainly worth a mention.

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