Coke does it again!

Coke or Coca-cola is one of the most known brands in the world and therefore their advertising is not about informing the public of their brand but rather keeping their brand front of mind and engaging with their audience.

Coke’s advertising is pretty flawless in most cases and they have created a consistency in their ads that builds synergies for the brand and their messages. They have kept the slogan of happiness or Share happiness for a few decades, again creating that consistency so the audience remembers their message.

My last post spoke about thinking outside the box and quoted Coke’s Happiness machine in a way to engage with their audience in delivering their slogan of ‘Happiness’. Coke delivered a positive campaign that connected with the target market creating an emotional attachment between their audience and the brand. Well coke does it again and this time through their packaging.


Ogilvy France and Ogilvy Asia-Pacific joined forces to make a can that splits in half for Coke, to create a way to get their message of “sharing happiness” across by creating a can that can be shared. The campaign allows the packaging to enhance the brand messaging.

It’s a talking point and again gets Coke front of mind when their target audience goes to purchase a soft drink, and really that is the main purpose of any advertisement.

In addition, in March 2013, Coke and Leo Burnett created Small World Machines (touch-facilitating machines using special active-shutter 3-D technology that projected a streaming feed onto glass while filming through that glass at the same time) to spread happiness in areas that are in conflict with the aim ‘that what unities us is stronger than what divides us”. The Small World Machines built by The SuperGroup in Atlanta were placed in Lahore, Pakistan and in New Delhi, India and were equipped with full-length webcams that allowed participants to interact in real-time.


This campaign again created a positive way to interact with their target market, not only to distribute their product but also to distribute the brand’s message of creating happiness in the world. It’s an example of positive engaging communication on a global scale.

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